The Service provider has zero tolerance regarding the violations listed below and will close the User's account should be mentioned violations occur:

  • Minors, children
  • Illegal drugs, or drugs that may be perceived as illegal in other locations
  • Violence, blood, torture, pain, erotic asphyxiation, or any actions associated with bringing harm to yourself in any way
  • Discussing or arranging prostitution or escort services
  • Arranging other forms of employment with Website Members
  • Bestiality, zoophilia and/or animals/pets in the content in a sexual or provocative context
  • Discussing or arranging pedophilia, adolescence
  • Using the account of the other person:
    • Identity theft
    • An infringement of a third-party intellectual property right
    • An infringement of personal rights, such as image rights and the respect of the right to privacy
  • Fraudulent actions
  • Actions causing financial damage and/or impairment of goodwill of the Service provider and /or the website
  • Frivolous and/or disrespectful attitude toward the website and/or the Website Administration and/or its staff on the website and/or on a third party.

Last update 10.08.2023

Заходя на, вы подтверждаете, что вы достигли совершеннолетия в своей стране и имеете право просматривать контент, предназначеный для взрослых. Все фото, видео, ссылки предоставлены третьими лицами. Мы не контролируем содержание этих страниц.

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